Photocopier Recycling

Do you need to recycle your photocopier?

Effective recycling always requires careful thought about what is the most appropriate action for your particular device.

Copier Reuse

It is our belief that the first priority for recycling is to discover if there is further effective use of a device in its current state. At Copier & Technology Recycling Ltd, we have many years of experience finding new users for your redundant devices, such as used copiers and printers.

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It is now increasingly important for companies to ensure their practices not only comply with current legislation, but also anticipate changes that WILL happen in the future, some of which may increase costs for those unprepared. We are especially interested in providing Data protection for our customers.

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IT Recycling

Recycling used photocopiers is our main expertise, however we have also developed strategies to deal with large numbers of other electrical appliances such as PC’s, Laptops, Hard Drives, Printers, Monitors and even TV’s.